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NEW CODE PROPOSAL TO: Governor Rick Perry Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) FROM: {First Last} DATE: December 06, 2012 Re: New Residential Code Requirements for the Installation of Tankless Water Systems (Effective Date: January 01, 2015) Introduction Estimates for the year 2000 indicated that American households consumed 20% of the total energy consumption in the US (Stein & Meir, 2000).


Adomatis (2010) predicts that new homes buyers “may be willing to pay for the cost of the energy efficient items in green construction” as a means of reducing energy expenses. Not only can energy efficiency building requirements save money, but energy efficiency can also save homeowners money by heating their homes in the winter and cooling their homes in summer with less power and resources. Energy Star is program jointly operated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy. The program is designed to help Americans reduce the cost of energy and at the same time protect the environment via the use of “energy efficient products and practices” (Energy Star, n.d.). Though ENERGY STAR® program serves as a trusted source of voluntary standards and unbiased information, federal and state policies provide additional sources for consumers and organizations to adopt other energy-efficient products and practices that further reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs). The purpose of this memo is to propose a code enforced method for improving appliance efficiency via the mandatory installment of Tankless Water Systems only in the construction of new dwelling houses. ...
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