High Performance Concrete Reinforced with Glass fibres

High Performance Concrete Reinforced with Glass fibres Essay example
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High Performance Concrete Reinforced with Glass Fibres Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: High Performance Concrete (HPC) The term High-Performance Concrete (HPC) refers to concrete mixtures that possess such properties as high workability, high strength, and high durability.


project needs (Russell, 1999). In severe environmental conditions, durability is not considered a mandatory requirement for HPC. The Strategic highway Research Program (SHRP) while defining HPC for highway structures as requiring a maximum water-cement ratio, a minimum durability factor of freezing and thawing, and a minimum early-age or ultimate compressive strength, identified four types of HPC. The four types of HPC included Very early strength, high early strength, very high strength, and high early strength with Fibre-reinforcement, depending on their time taken to achieve specific MPa values. Carefully selected high-quality ingredients and optimized mixture designs that are critical for production of HPC, are batched, mixed, placed, compacted and cured to the highest industry standards. With the water-cementing materials ratio set at 0.20 to 0.45, plasticizers are used to make the concrete fluid and workable. ...
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