Design a multi-story reinforced concrete office building

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Design of a multi-storey reinforced concrete office building Student Full Name Name of University Course Number and Name Instructor Name Date Outline A. Conceptual Report 1.0 Objectives 2.0 Introduction 3.0 General Approach 4.0 Requirements for design 5.0 Structural elements 6.0 Procedure of Safe construction of the office building 7.0 Conclusion B.


The building is to consist of a 30 people meeting suite/conference, a restaurant, different sizes common room on the 3 floors of the building. Ground floor will consist of, conference room, restaurant, common room and all services associated. The remaining unused floor is aimed for facilities of leisure. 3.0 General Approach The general approach taken is to obtain the architecture of an office building:- Acquiring design of an office architecture of a multi-storey building basically adopted in the construction design (Alheyad, 2008). . Structural system establishment of the floors from the ground to first, second and third floor Foundation type, column design and system of resisting wind will be affected by taking into consideration the architectural drawings 4.0 Requirements for design Client’s requirements: The ground floor is to have: a reception, conference/meeting rooms, common room and entertainment room, a restaurant, and associated services. The remainder of the floor is to be occupied by the swimming pool. ...
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