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A case Study on Qualitative, Quantitative and mixed research Name Institution Response to part 1 It is clear from the review of the literature on the public health issue, that there is lacking study that provides evident as to whether obesity among children under five years to ten years of age is linked to cardiovascular diseases.


This, thus imply that race was the main subject under scrutiny. In this respect, the researcher showed that only AA children displayed association between cardiovascular regulation, BMI growth, and childhood obesity. As much as the researcher conclusively showed that poor cardiovascular regulations can be a serious risk factor for the development of obesity, the complete mechanism of this link could not be assessed by this study (Graziano et al., 2011). It is therefore prudent to set up a research that investigate if there was an association between obesity and cardiovascular diseases among children within the age range five to ten but not limited to African American children. It is also evidenced from the literature so far explored that there is lacking research to ascertain if age is a factor as far as childhood obesity cases are concerned. Clearly, most researchers tend to focus on other factors as gender, and genetics providing little information on how different age groups among children differed significantly or not. ...
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