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Surname Lecturer Course Date Nanotechnology Introduction Nanotechnology generally is the act of manipulating purposefully matter at the atomic scale, referred to as the "nanoscale." Nanotechnology was coined in a 1974 paper as nano-technology by Taniguchi Norio at the University of Tokyo.


On the other hand, Eric Drexler, the founder of Foresight Nanotech Institute introduced to the world the term “nanotechnology in 1986, and used it to describe the bottom up approach. In contrary to Taniguchi, Drexler looked at nanotechnology from the perspective of a physicist. He referred to nanotechnology as a large scale mechanosynthesis that is founded on the positional control of molecules that are chemically reactive. The founders of nanotechnology anticipate that, in the future, the term will probably include building mechanisms and machines with nano-scale dimensions, also referred to as the Molecular Nanotechnology (MNT) (Cutcliffe 81). According to McGinn (2010), nanotechnology has emerged due to the advent of modern technological trends used for creating more comfort for the mankind. This technology will totally refurbish the way in which electronic and digital devices operate (McGinn 116). The concept of nanotechnology is based on further reduction of the size of transistors and that of electronic circuitry that would enable working at the molecular level. Its implementation would not be limited to the field of technology and science, rather medicine, construction and other sciences would equally benefit from it (Ghattas 271). ...
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