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Solar Renewable Energy Insert name Institution Course code Introduction The energy that comes from sources which are continually replenished such as geothermal heat, sunlight, tides, wind, water and waves is widely known as renewable energy. We can also define renewable energy to be the energy that comes from the natural and persistent flow of energy found in the immediate environment.


Electricity generation contributes around 19% of the share of renewable out of which hydroelectricity contributes 16% and the remaining 3% comes from new renewable. Solar energy is the energy that comes from the sun in the solar radiation form which is used in heating or generation of electricity. To generate electricity using solar powered electricity generation system, one requires using photovoltaic or heat engines known as concentrated solar power. Some of the most common solar applications include solar cooling using solar architecture, lighting, heating of the space, solar cooking, high temperature industrial process heating and solar water heating application among others. There exists a broader solar technology classification into active and passive solar which depends on how they are captured. The practice that uses photovoltaic panels and thermal collectors to harness the solar energy is referred to as active technique while the technique that orientates the building to the sun, selects materials that possess good thermal mass or favorable light dispersing properties and design light pathways that circulates air naturally, is known as a passive technique. ...
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