Design and planning of commercial and domestic buildings in the UK

Design and planning of commercial and domestic buildings in the UK Essay example
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Designing and Planning of Commercial and Domestic Buildings in the UK Customer Name Tutor Name INTRODUCTION The building industry in the UK is well regulated. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is tasked with the task of regulating this industry.


Precisely this report examines the designing and planning of commercial and domestic buildings in the UK. The UK has set aggressive national goals in the building industry meant to increase efficiency and safety of buildings. It has identified emission reduction targets for 2020 and 2050 to be 34 percent and at least 80 percent in that order (Willars 2011, p. 1). To ensure that buildings are playing their role in achieving these targets, regulations have been put in place to ensure that designing and planning is undertaken in a manner that will make buildings environmental friendly. DESIGNING AND PLANNING OF BUILDINGS IN THE UK Designing and planning of buildings take place in different phases. In all these phases there are procedures which ought to be followed. Basically as shown in the diagram below designing and planning of building projects is undertaken in four stages: prepare, design, construct and use. Table 1 (Different standards for planning and designing in the UK) It is advisable that these phases are followed so that the construction work is completed to the set standards. Failure to follow regulations set is a violation of the law and is punishable. Importantly, such negligence will likely cost the public in one way or another. ...
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