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POWER STORAGE FOR THE NATIONAL GRID (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Introduction National grid widely involves strategies and scenarios used in the progression and development of energy. In the UK National grid specifically relates to the supply and electrical power transmission system.


The high voltage electric power is majorly distributed by electrical transmission lines measured in voltage. The UK National grid is particularly honored for using hydropower, nuclear and thermal energy power in high voltage power transmission for use in economic growth, powering industries, companies, organization and machinery, and development of new technologies. For effectiveness and efficiency, the transmission of the electric power ought to be transferred at the high voltage and the lowest current. In the UK, the National grid therefore employs this technique by taking up a series of specific voltage levels to cover satisfactorily for power transmission, storage and use aided by the use of transformers. Transformers are step-up electricity voltages from the primary generator electricity output after which it is transmitted via the National grid electric cables. After reaching the end user, is used to power electrical appliances, machinery and other electrical consumption purposes. Why electric power systems need storage. The single most important idea behind system power storage is to ensure sustainability and capacity for the power generated to supply the entire consumers without deficiencies. ...
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