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SWANSEA METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITTY OF WALES TRINITY SAINT DAVID BEng Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Problem Solving and Quality Improvement ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT M2X8277 BY STUDENT’S NAME (MIMMO) APRIL 2013 SUBMITTED TO ANDREW THORN DECLARATION I declare that this assignment is all my own work and that I have acknowledged all materials used from published and unpublished works of other people.


Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, commonly referred as FMEA in short, is a systematic approach to risk management throughout the product lifecycle. Primarily, this technique is used for material failures; however, various other defects like human factor and software can also be analyzed. In turn, results obtained from FMEA has broader impact on different aspects of product life cycle including suppliers, design, manufacturing, after sales services and intended service. This technique has mandatory been applied in aeronautics and automotive as encouraged by various standards. The aim of this project report is to analyze the reasons for series of complete failures on high performing braking systems developed for rally cars by STOP IT Limited, specializing in brake system manufacturing for motorsport industry. In this report, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis has systematically been used to identify the reasons for failures and recommend way forward. During the analysis, a detailed project plan was developed including the guidelines for establishing severity and probabilities of the occurrence and detection. Detailed system for the motorsports braking system was studied to precisely identify these factors. ...
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