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Seismic Action and Methods Analysis Name Class Professor Table of contents 2.0 Seismic Action and Methods Analysis Seismic action is a kind of earthquake experienced in an area. The seismic waves occur as a result of sudden release of energy on earth’s crust causing its vibration.


Earthquakes trigger one mode of vibration which is the lowest fundamental mode besides higher modes which take place as a result of tremors. 2.1 Development of Seismic Regulations The Building Seismic Safety Council was put up in 1997 as an affiliate of National Institute of Building Sciences. Its main purpose is to promote safety of the public by providing guidelines to construction, designing, planning, utilization and regulation of buildings. It deals with reduction of risks posed on buildings by earthquakes. The main areas which the Building Seismic Safety Council focuses on are structures, kinds of buildings and related facilities. The Building Seismic Safety Council believes that the level of risks vary and therefore has a versatile approach to seismic safety that considers the risk of each region or community separately. It works together with construction industry, governments, non-governmental organizations and public in general to meet its objectives (Housner, 1990). It advocates for earthquake risk reduction measures to be adopted by organizations and institutions. The Building Seismic Safety Council main goals are; to catalyse development of seismic safety, promote use of appropriate seismic voluntary standards, assess implementation of recommendations and find out opportunities for improving regulations on seismic safety. ...
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