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Abstract The characteristics of semiconductor compounds can be best understood by studying the semiconductor atom reactions, interactions and composition at both the surface state and the interface state where the semiconductor atoms and element form a junction with the compound element forming the semiconductor alloy.


The paper discusses various issues related to the gallium compound semiconductors including both the interface and the surface properties. It discusses the formation of the surface state and the charges at the interface state when interfaced with various metals. Background Surface state: Intrinsic and extrinsic A considerable number of clean semiconductor surfaces show signs of both intrinsic and extrinsic surface states. Surface states of materials can be defined as the electronic states that are found at the material’s surface. Surface states are formed as a result of the sharp transition from solid materials that terminates with the surface. Surface states are usually found close to the surface in the atomic layer. The changes of the electronic band structure to vacuum from the bulk materials are caused by the surface material termination. After the termination of the surface material, a weakened potential is created at the surface which leads to the formation of new electronic states know as the surface state [3]. The bands of the solid on the surface of semiconductor crystals get related to vacuum energy since it takes a considerable amount of energy to remove the electrons from the crystal to the vacuum. ...
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