Safety Leadership: the role of the middle manager in the construction industry

 Safety Leadership: the role of the middle manager in the construction industry Essay example
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Safety Leadership: The Role of the Middle Manager in the Construction Industry 1. Introduction The success of organizations usually depends on its leader and dedicated members. Effective organizations pride themselves of positive environments where camaraderie and unity prevail.


With the advances in information and technology, it is no longer excusable for companies to reason out ignorance or lack of information. Leaders cannot afford to be complacent especially when the welfare of their people and customers are concerned. There are industries where safety should be the utmost priority especially when they work with combustible chemicals or products, humongous machines people work with, like in factories, or ride, like in amusement parks. Any miscalculation or slight dip in vigilance may spell a disaster. Management and security systems in organizations are usually set up, implemented and supervised by the organizational heads. It follows that accountability is mostly in their hands, and receive accolade from the public if safety is ensured and enjoyed or blame if accidents take place. This proposal considers concepts of Leadership, Safety in organizations, and best practices in safety leadership. Specifically, it focuses on the middle manager, whose leadership duties extend in all directions, from their immediate supervisors, their peers and colleagues, down to their subordinates, who are directly involved in ensuring and maintaining the safety of the organization. ...
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