"Integrating Sustainable Design with Building Information modeling for Energy Management in Saudi Arabia

"Integrating Sustainable Design with Building Information modeling for Energy Management in Saudi Arabia Thesis example
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Name: Sultan Abdulmannan Course: Engineering Management Project Instructor’s Name: (I can’t) Date: 11-Jul-11 University: In Canada (I can’t give name) INTEGRATING SUSTAINABLE DESIGN WITH BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING FOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN SAUDI ARABIA INTRODUCTION Home not only secures us from harsh effects of weather but also gives us a sense of security.


We see the royal palaces and architecture as an example of art. Stone, sand, clay and wood were the construction materials and architects tried to build royal palaces which required less artificial lightening at day time. The architects made the palaces airy. With the improvement in the building materials and construction time, building home became an easier job. Energy solved many problems in building and designing a home. Artificial lightening and air conditioning create a home that is a luxurious shelter. Lightening and air conditioning require more energy and to generate more energy, there is a need to burn more coal to supply the demanded power. The burning of coal produces tons of green house gases that endanger many animal and plant species of the world. In the modern world, people think about the environment and relation of environment with our home. To achieve environmental and economic sustainability, one has to construct such home that has the modern luxuries but has reduced carbon emissions. Green home designs are presented and explained why it is necessary for the world in which we are all living. Green home has higher energy efficiency and it utilizes natural and biodegradable materials. There materials have positive impact on the environment and produce less waste. ...
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