Potential of Deregulation of the Electricity Sector in the State of Qatar - Essay Example

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Potential of Deregulation of the Electricity Sector in the State of Qatar

This paper approves that the expansion of power stations is done by placing complex power equipment in different substations. This activity is performed by the employees of KAHRAMAA. They are making the electric power system highly developed and dependable as well.
Many international companies are interested in the project launch of Qatar Electricity Transmission Networks. There basic goal is to expand their transmitted network. The projects of KAHRAMAA are considered as the largest projects in the world. Phase VIII was the largest project of network expansion. The contracts of this project are worth US$ 3.5 billion. Phase IX is the next upcoming network project. KAHRAMAA has also decided to expand the network of Phase VIII. Their technical department is responsible for tracking deadlines. Basic target of the researcher is to research and find the best suitable structure for electricity production and management in Qatar. It will not be easy to regulate electricity sector in Qatar.
This report makes a conclusion that while collecting the data, it will be ensured that no confidential/classified information offered by the companies is misused. Official permission from electricity authorities will be taken in writing to use their data. The data will be protected. Names of the participants in my primary data collection interviews/survey will not be displaced in any situation. The company data and any personal information collected during this research will be safe guarded carefully to ensure no information theft or misuse of information. ...
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This report talks that the shape of land is in rectangular shape, just like palm of human hand. Southern boundary of Qatar is shared with Saudi Arabia, the other three sides of the small Qatar Peninsula meet Persian Gulf. There is an island on west of Qatar which is called as Hawar Island. Both countries Bahrain and Qatar claims its nationality. …
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