An analysis for the potential of Deregulation of the Electricity Sector in the State of Qatar

An analysis for the potential of Deregulation of the Electricity Sector in the State of Qatar Essay example
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An analysis for the potential of Deregulation of the Electricity Sector in the State of Qatar Table of Contents 1. Background 2. Literature Review 3. Research objectives 4. Methodology 5. Plan of work 6. Ethical Considerations 7. Bibliography Background Basic purpose of this research is to find an ideal structure for the electricity sector in the state of Qatar…


The concept under study is internationally an important one. State of Qatar is locally known as Dawlat Qatar. Capital of Qatar is Doha. Area of Qatar is 11,437sq. km. Population of Qatar, according to 2010 census is 1.5 million. Arabic is most spoken language of Qatar and Islam is the major religion. Major exports are oil and gas. Passage of Gulf disconnects Qatar from a neighboring island called Bahrain. Meeting of Islamic Conference and World Trade Organization is hosted by Qatar. Qatar is three plus from Greenwich Mean Time (Scott, 2011). Qatar is located on Persian Gulf. The shape of land is in rectangular shape, just like palm of human hand. Southern boundary of Qatar is shared with Saudi Arabia, the other three sides of the small Qatar Peninsula meet Persian Gulf. There is an island on west of Qatar which is called as Hawar Island. Both countries Bahrain and Qatar claims its nationality. The resource of Water due to the coastal area generates number of opportunities. These opportunities include fishing, trade route from sea and pearl diving (Chaddock, 2008). The currency of Qatar is Qatar Riyal. The estimated GDP of 2011 is QR153.73bn. The increase in GDP is 41.8%, as compared to 2010 statics. In 2010 it was QR108.42bn. GPD share of world total in 2010 was 0.2%. ...
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