Engineering and Construction
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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the Study In the engineer’s daily work on dealing with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for clients, he is often faced with several challenges that hinder the successful implementation of his task. The challenges come in diverse forms but one of such common challenges in the engineer dealing with digital signal processing has to do with system specification problems.


The fact of the situation however remains that the engineer is not always privileged to have access to any filter design software at his disposal to enable the reduction of passband ripple or the increment of the stopband attenuation. The latter scenario always happens and most engineers are always confused and limited in ideas. It is for typical situations like this that the researcher has put this research work together to serve as a catalyst for coming out with workable interventions that can be fallen upon in hard times such as the one described in the scenario. Though the researcher admits that the problem may be confronting and highly frustrating, it comes with a number of solutions, one of which is the practice of making do with the existing filter and sharpening it. This therefore brings to the floor, the issue of digital filter sharpening in handling system specification failure cases in basic engineering. The entire study therefore has to do with digital signal processing (DSP) system specification failure and how existing filter at the expense of the engineer can be sharpened to continue working for the interest and requirement of the engineer. ...
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