Causes of Rework and cost overuns in construction of sea water desalination projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Thesis Proposal Example

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Causes of Rework and cost overuns in construction of sea water desalination projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Desalination is a very important term, especially for the countries where fresh water resources are scarce. It could be any process that removes a vast amount of salt and other minerals from the water. Habitually, it is known as the procedure of drawing the salts and minerals. It is best to purify your water with the process of desalinated and then use it for drinking and as well as for irrigational activities. This is the same process which is being used by many seagoing ships and sub-marines (Love et. al. 2004).
In today’s world, desalination is mainly used for developing cost-effective ways of giving fresh water to such regions of the world where fresh water is in meager amount. If you are intending to do a large scale desalination process then you may also need massively powered infrastructures but it is sure to increase the expense you will pay on the overall project, so it is better to make the usage of fresh water from rivers or wells etc.
According to the census performed n April 2010, Saudi Arab had a population of 27,136,977 humans out of which 18,707,576 were recognized as nationals and others were living with no nationality. Due to an overwhelming economic and urban growth of this country, more than 95% of the whole population has been settled down now. Some cities even have densities of more than thousand people per square kilometer. About 50% of the total water used in this country is generated by the process of desalination, whereas the other 40% is extracted from the mining of non-renewable groundwater, the remaining 10% is simply taken off from the surface water. ...
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This research will highlight the issues related to desalination processes in Saudi Arab which cause cost overruns. This research will study 2 cases where cost overrun has been reported in construction of sea water desalination projects in Saudi Arab. …
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