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Cymap: A Lab Report Word Count: 2,750 (11 pages) I. Introduction Before we get into introducing the building, let us talk a little bit about what this project is going to accomplish. First we have a program called Cymap, which is going to help create the design of a building in 3D…


“[Cymap was] designed to allow some small changes in the model and you can observe the effect.”2 In this case, we are not going to use Cymap, but pencil and paper, in order to show a drawing of the building. The drawing is not completely to scale. Even though it is a relatively rough, modest drawing, still one can see how the usage of metres of the room is being achieved, and a bit of math was done in order to deem how much space was left for other parts of the building to be constructed. Here what we will be showing to you, the reader, in our subsequent sections, is: the Building Definition; the Project Wizard; the Lighting Design; the Wiring Design; and finally a conclusion which will wrap up our discussion and thus conclude the lab report. Thus, the drawing is shown in Part II, entitled “Building Definition,” which we shall view next. II. Building Definition As you can see from this diagram, the way the basic room plan is set up is with: one room on the northwest corner (entitled “B60”); one on the northeast corner (entitled “B62”); one room on the southwest corner (entitled “S/W”); and one room in the southeast corner (entitled “Office”). On the northwest side of the building, there are three windows with a measurement of 1.5 metres each. ...
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