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A CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE DISASTER PREPAREDNESS IN AMERICA The disaster preparedness strategy in the United States has seen an extreme paradigm shift after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York. This review of the corpus of literature on the subject identified relevant research and studies that describe the increase in emphasis on terrorism in the prevailing disaster management policies and the three core characteristics of the paradigm shift: the focus on prevention; increased integrations of disaster preparedness, response and management; and the increased role played by first-responders.


The spurt of the academic interest is particularly focused on the theme regarding the concern for adequate programs or the lack of it so that the public is protected from such crises and calamities. Though often confused with mitigation, preparedness, wrote Bullock et al., is all about planning for the best response or to minimize the scope of the needed response. Throughout the years, disaster preparedness in America, as the academic studies demonstrate, show changing priorities in policymaking with regards to what aspect of disaster preparation should receive attention. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT Prior to 9/11 terror attacks, disaster preparedness has been focused on natural calamities. ...
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