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This essay describes the American railroad system, that is currently named as the best in the world. The researcher discusses the railroad industry in details from the beginning in mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century as one of America's first large-scale businesses…


This essay discusses one of the most important historical transportations of the United States that helped to develop the modern and flourishing country that it is today. The essay discusses American railway system and it's railroads that had great impact on American history and culture. By linking the nation with a tight network of rail transport, the railroads placed America firmly at the forefront of the international trade, facilitating the cost effective transportation of production from mining and other big industries such as steel and agriculture. While the rail transportation in the modern United States of America is one of the most advanced in the world, such success can be attributed to those courageous and visionary people who saw railroads as a tool that would place the country at an economic advantage and as a driving forcer of the economic and social development of the nation. The researcher of the essay states that if not for the economic advantages and transport feasibilities brought around by the railroads, America may not have been able to capitalised on its land resources to develop the mining and agricultural industries nor would it have been able to manage the spreading of population across all regions of the country. In conclusion, the researcher sums up his study on the railroads presented in the essay and suggests that it is fit to say that American Railroads had formed the backdrop for making the American dream of prosperity and development and reality. ...
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