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Essay example - Summary of Chapter 3 Entitled "The History of Planning"

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Engineering and Construction
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Summary of Chapter 3 Entitled “The History of Planning” Chapter 3 of the book with the subtitle “The History of Planning: Part I” thoroughly discusses the history or historical narrative of the urban- or rural-planning prominent in America from the pre-revolution era to the post-revolution…

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Before the Revolution erupted in the United States, the planning and designing of the community -- in the spatial/physical sense -- in the Colonial America were largely held by an individual grantee. An imitation of the 17th-century (or much earlier) European urban planning, the structuring and/or restructuring of places or towns in the pre-revolutionary America was under the sole power of an individual person. The grantor or donor was usually a high ranking official -- with respect to Europe, it was the royal king/queen who made and dispensed land ownership to certain person -- who gave to an individual an authority to configure or reconfigure a particular municipality or town. In the early 18th-century America, for instance, a man named James Oglethorpe was given a land grant wherein he created or recreated the Savannah landscape. In Oglethorpe’s design plan, the configuration is prominently four-sided. Drawn in vertical and horizontal lines that converge as square blocks, Oglethorpe’s Savannah is a type of urban planning which is a characteristic of his time. It is noteworthy that Oglethorpe’s planning design is almost symmetrical to William Penn’s 1682 Philadelphia plan. Of their similarities are the street patterns, presence of the public open spaces, and grid-block designs. ...
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