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Name of student: Topic: Lecturer: Date of Presentation: Introduction The manufacturing industry involves the application of tools and human resources to develop products for trade. Modern manufacturing involves the application of machinery to make things. However, manufacturing began prior to the invention of machines which were as a result of inventions to make work easier.


Before the industrial revolution, training in artisanship was associated with manufacturing and was significant in developing new artisans. Since the 18th century after the industrial revolution, many ideas emerged to enhance the manufacturing process, not withstanding the type of goods produced. This paper describes the historical processes that have shaped manufacturing over the last century leading to project management in the construction industry. It refers to management theories such as those put forward by Henry Fayrol, Latham and Egan. It contrasts the views of these theorists. The paper also compares the construction and manufacturing industries with particular reference to their differing methods of manufacturing, and the apparent contemporary convergence from the bespoke image of the construction industry at present to its move towards just in time deliveries etc. Historical Processes which have shaped the Manufacturing Industry Henry Fayol significantly contributed to the development of strategic management techniques in the construction industry through establishing five functions of management. Planning was the first function of management which up to date is fundamental to the success of an organization. ...
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