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Name Instructor Task Date 1Renewable energy comes from resources that are natural such as wind, tides, sunlight, rain, geothermal heat, and tides. These resources replenish naturally. About 16% of the world’s energy consumption is catered for by renewable energy, traditional biomass taking care of 10%, and hydroelectricity contributing 3.4% to the consumption grid.


Renewable energy is good because it is non-polluting. In addition, of course as the name tells us it is renewable and does not use resources that can never be replaced. 2But there are other advantages to using renewable sources of energy. The benefits of renewable energy extend to stimulating the economy and creating job opportunities. The money that is invested in renewable energy is typically spent on materials and staff that build and maintain equipment instead of importing energy. The money spent on renewable energy stays in the United States for the most part, often within the same state or county. 3Renewable energy produced in the USA is sold to foreign countries, meaning the country’s deficit in trade is improving. When supply oil faced hiccups in the 1970s, U.S.A started depending on foreign supplies. The impact of this scenario was felt worldwide. The benefits of Production of renewable energy will therefore help in alleviating problems linked to this kind of dependence. Renewable energy has many benefits to the American nation in general’ provided it is pursued and produced in efficient ways. ...
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