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Name Professor Course name and code Date of Submission Remote Surgery Introduction Similarly with computers’ revolution, the last half of the 20th century marked massive change in the field of robotics and as we speak, they are making such great impact in advancement of technology and development especially in the 21st century.


Additionally robots have been utilized to reach destinations that man has not yet landed, such as depths of the sea and other planets and heavenly bodies (Borzellino 120). With this growing trend, there is no telling what is next. For instance in the coming years, we might witness robots bearing the ability to exercise Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a matter of fact, some as Honda’s ASIMO shall be able to assemble and resemble the human form. It is of no shock that they might finally become conscious and self-aware and most probably function as any man would do. Essentially when we speak about robots taking the roles of human, we usually point to the future, however remote surgery is already with us and it is happening. Doctors around the globe are utilizing advanced robots to do surgical procedures. In a nutshell remote surgery also referred to as telesurgery can be defined as the ability for doctors to carry out surgery even when they are physically absent from the same location. It takes a model of telepresence. Remote surgery merges components of robotics, sophisticated communication technology for example high speed connection to data and elements of Management Information Systems (MIS) (Dasguta 56). Given that the area of robotic surgery is fairly established in many parts, majority of these robots are operated by doctors at the same venue of the surgery. ...
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