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Digital communication schemes + AWGN channel

In digital modulation, an analog transporter signal is adjusted with a digital information flow. Digital modulation techniques can be enumerated as digital-to-analog conversion, and the corresponding demodulation or detection as analog-to-digital conversion. The most essential digital modulation schemes are found on keying, that are PSK, FSK, ASK and QAM. In the subject of PSK; acronym of phase-shift keying, a finite number of phases are used. In the matter of FSK; short form of frequency-shift keying; a finite number of frequencies are used. In the topic of ASK; abbreviation of amplitude-shift keying, a finite number of amplitudes are used. In the area of QAM; meaning Quadrature amplitude modulation; a finite number of at least two phases and at least two amplitudes are used. An instrument that executes modulation is recognized as a modulator and an appliance that executes the converse process of modulation is identified as a demodulator, at times it is also called as detector. ...
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DIGITAL COMMUNICATION SCHEMES + AWGN CHANNEL CONTENTS Number Topic Pages 1 Introduction to digital modulation schemes 1 2 Quadrature Phase Shift Key Modulation (QPSK) 2-3 3 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) 3-4 4 Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) 4-6 5 AWGN channel 6-7 Bibliography 8 Introduction The purpose of digital modulation schemes is collaborated with digital communication which is to convey digital information between two or more destinations…
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