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(Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Assignment) (Date) Supply Chain Management in Ford Automobile Introduction Modern business firms heed exceeding emphasis on their supply chain activities along with their fundamental objectives like internal productivity, economic cost of production, and high profitability.


This paper in particular will analyze various supply chain strategies and practices of Ford Motor Company. Supply chain optimization strategies in automobile industry Supply chain optimization is the application of different strategies and processes which are aimed at the effective supply chain operations at manufacturing and distribution (IMEC). In order to achieve supply chain optimization in automobile industry, it is necessary to ensure uninterrupted and optimal placement of inventory within the supply chain and minimize various operating costs including manufacturing costs, distribution costs, and transportation costs. In modern times, computer software plays a crucial role in developing mathematical modeling techniques which can well contribute to the supply chain optimization especially, in automobile industry. In the automobile supply chain system, supplying industries provide rubber, electronics, glass, steels, and other materials to the manufacturers. The manufacturing, stamping, and casting processes take place at the factory (innovative engineering techniques are applied in this phase); once the manufacturing process is completed, the different vehicle parts are moved for final assembly that gives final shape for the vehicle (The geography of transport systems). The completed automobile is then transferred to consumer market in order to make available to ultimate consumers. ...
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