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<Structural Members in Concrete Bridges and Highway> <Student Name> <Name and Section # of course> <Instructor Name> <Date> The report signifies the importance of highways and bridges in everyday life of humans. It also explains the various basic elements used in the making of the structure along with the phases the whole project goes through…


The first tool was invented for the very same purpose; also the wheel was one such invention adding to the comfort and time-saving of the human race. Bridges and highways are two such inventions, which have basically added more life to the human age by reducing their time traveling in cars from one place to another. The revolution of highway networks and over-head and over-water bridges have made sure that the time spent on actual work is more than the time spent travelling like in olden days. The report will stress on the significance of these two inventions and different aspects of them which are an essential part of their existence. LITERATURE REVIEW Various literatures have been published in relation with this report. Engineering skills have always been under study as it is an ever evolving subject. Various books had to be studied as a lot of research was needed t fulfill the requirements of the report. Many publications were also linked to find out the modern methods and components used in the building of bridges and highways. The knowledge of components like beams and columns were studied using previous case studies. ...
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