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Chernobyl nuclear power plant faced an accident on April, 26th 1986. The accident is known by its severity (World Nuclear Association 2011). Chernobyl is located in Ukraine.


Chernobyl disaster happened due to overheating of the core, which resulted in the core meltdown. The meltdown of the core exposed the radioactive matter to the outer environment and it was also carried far away by wind. People were forced to leave the city as quickly as they could. At first, people were not informed by the accident but after some time, the news of the disaster spread widely.
The radioactive materials from the reactors were found hazardous to the people and other living beings of the place. The persons who were quite near the power plant or working inside the power plant faced the high exposure of radioactive materials. Only two workers had lost their lives, when accident happened but the accident caused severe damages to the people nearby the place of accident and a large number of people had suffered from cancer and died after the accident (World Nuclear Association 2011). The radioactive ash from the reactor had two parts. One part of the ash contained very small particles which were carried away by the wind. The other part of the ash contained a bit thick particles and could remain hazardous for many hundreds of years. The disaster had endangered more lives as compared to any other such incident. Belarus, the place nearest to Chernobyl, had been affected more than any other region from the radiations, spread as the result of Chernobyl disaster (World Nuclear Association 2011).
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