Engineering and Constructions Executive Summary

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Engineering and Construction
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Literature review Transistors are utilized in almost every electronic circuit as it has a higher efficiency and a better conduction property. A graphic equalizer not only divides the frequency but also provides a better control for bass and tremble.


The input is first amplified and then converted to digital signal, before the signal is listened through the speaker it is converted back to analog. Circuit explanation The power supply section converts the alternating wave to a direct wave. A transformer, Rectifier Bridge and a voltage regulator are the main components of the power supply. A mixer mixes two signal and produce a mixed wave. A graphic equalizer has basically three sections; a splitter, filters and a combiner. Splitter splits a signal and filter filters a particular frequency. Combiner combines the frequencies after filtration. Voltage and power amplifiers are utilized to enhance the power and quality of the signal. Circuit calculation Assumptions are made and values for mixer transistor, input, power supply, graphic equalizer, and voltage and power amplifiers are calculated to produce the circuit. Circuit test The calculated values are tested on the circuit and it is found that the calculated values have approximately same results on the circuit. Project cost The total cost of the components is almost $36.24. The industry partner cost is about $4800 and the total student cost is about $11200. Review of Risks The risks involved in the utilization of electricity and other electric instruments could be minimized by following the rules and regulations of electric safety. ...
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