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Ethics in professional societies Ethics in the modern world has become one of the most relevant issues. This fact can be explained by a broad context of the concept. For Aristotle, being ethical implied taking actions for the perfection of the common good.


In any professional sphere, it is relevant to follow ethical principles and not only to work. Ethical principles have a different power in comparison with laws. Thus, laws can regulate or not, support or not some ethical principles. For example, from the perspective of medical ethics, abortion is unethical deed. It is a life interruption. In accordance with laws in many countries abortion is a legal issue. Nevertheless, Civil Rights Law in America propagates ethical and legal commitment. In one way or another, but the modern society requires ethical regulations in any profession. Still, the conditions of underdeveloped professional ethics among engineers cannot be denied. The fact that medical ethics is more developed cannot be denied as well. Still, the necessity of ethical principle following in these both spheres is an inarguable fact. Ethical principle relevance in the medical professional society usually concerns how medicals should ethically behave when they deal with the issues concerning life and death. The most known ethical code of behavior for medicals is the Oath of Hippocrates. Currently, the American Medical Association has introduced bioethics. It covers such issues as pharmacy, nursing, social work and so on. Therefore, we can claim that for the American Medical Association ethical principles following in all spheres and aspects of medicine are of crucial importance1. It goes another way in the professional society of engineers. ...
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