Experimental work on the mechanical properties of concrete using recycled aggregates

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Experimental Work on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Recycled Aggregates Name Tutor College Course Date Introduction The main environmental problem in the world today is the disposal of waste material. In order to protect the environment, the consumption of natural energy is reduced while the consumption of waste energy is increased.


The main characteristics of the concrete that we look at include the history, hydration of each type of concrete, properties on test and the mechanical strength of each type of concrete. Several articles are used for reference but are limited to their content in the comprehensive strength after a total of 90 days and the static modulus of elasticity is also checked at a maximum of 28 days. With these test, we get that recycled aggregates have a strength averaging 85% to 98% of the natural strength of natural aggregates. This paper is based on works done within the past ten years. Every construction activity needs a lot of materials. Some of these materials include; sand, bricks, timber and mud. However amongst these materials, concrete remains the most important of them all. With respect to the environment and adaptability, the concrete that is used in any construction must satisfy all the environmental and economical needs of any given area. When we use recycled aggregate for construction then we are able to construct the environment while at the same time minimize the cost used in the construction process. The waste and by products of cement contain almost 75% of natural aggregates and so it is of greater importance as natural aggregates. ...
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