The MD-11: Its Short-lived Passenger Service - Essay Example

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The MD-11: Its Short-lived Passenger Service

The essay "The MD-11: Its Short-lived Passenger Service" analyzes the aircraft MD-11 from the side of earnings and profits in six areas such as operation, speed, capacity, type of fuels etc. by describing the impact of money concerns limited to areas of national factors and technology.
The general rule it that the machine (aircraft) is part of the assets of the corporation. The corporation is owned by stockholders. The corporation is created to earn income. The corporation can be owned by individuals. In other cases, the corporation is owned by a government. In some limited cases, there may be joint ownership.
The corporation has to first determine how it will operate in a particular industry. In the case of aviation, there are two main areas. The area depends on the service being provided. They are two services. The transportation of people called passengers. The other is moving of goods and products. This is called cargo. In some cases, the corporation will decide if to operate exclusively in one area or if there should be some combination. This combination is called the product mix. The product mix is generally used to maximize profit per operation.
There are also marketplace constraints. This is based on economic theory. A quick definition is the management of scarce resources. First is the question of geography. This means determining if the business will operate within a country or between one or more states. The then the next constraint is to meet the requirements of the law. ...Show more


This essay considers the market forces in the areas of operation from the side of an operator and the market being served. The paper analyzes the subject from the side of earnings and profits in six areas by describing the impact of money concerns limited to areas of national factors and technology…
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The MD-11: Its Short-lived Passenger Service essay example
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