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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Executive summary 3 Introduction 4 Classification of piles 4 Pile classification according to load transmission method 5 End bearing piles 5 Friction/cohesion piles 5 Cohesion piles 6 Friction piles 6 Friction and cohesion piles 6 Pile classification according to the type of material 7 Timber piles 7 Concrete pile 7 Steel piles 7 Composite piles 8 Pile classification according to effect on soil 8 Driven/displacement piles 8 Bored/replacement piles 9 Merits and limitations of the principal types of piles 9 Advantages of preformed displacement piles 10 Disadvantages of preformed displacement piles 10 Advantages of cast in displacement place piles 10 Disadva


It defines and identifies different classifications of piles and their applications. This paper seeks to make a comparison between replacement and displacement pile foundations. It presents a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these types of pile foundations as used in relations to their characteristics. Discussion of the various aspects considered when laying the foundations also lies within the scope of this paper. The paper emphasizes the cost consideration for laying the different classes of pile foundations in architectural structures. Finally, the paper presents a discussion of the various methods applied in laying of the highlighted classes of pile foundations. ...
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