Benefits of Community involvement in Construction

Benefits of Community involvement in Construction Literature review example
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Review of Related Literature Introduction Community participation has been often identified by researchers and practitioners alike as fundamental to achieving success in delivering services for physical infrastructure (World Bank, 2004). Much of the literature on community involvement, though, does not specifically explain the outcomes of various forms of involvement or participation on the effectiveness of construction projects.


Findings from past studies on community participation have sometimes been applied in a wide range of service sections and types of settlement. It is, therefore, important obtain clarity in such findings. The following sections will look into an overview of community involvement and the findings from previous studies in relation to the effects of community involvement on construction projects and similar developments. Community Participation: An Overview A community’s conceptualization differs between projects, sectors, and regions (Memon, 2004). Typically, a community can be classified in terms of their administrative, social, and resource attributes. For example, legal communities refer to those that have been recognized by the local government, distinguishing a chain of command and arranging laws and codes in terms of political structures. The community members themselves are referred to as the social communities that signify the differentiation between the population based on social, cultural, and economic norms, such as farmers, traders, or local administrators. Finally, geographical communities can be defined by their planning terms as well as natural features and resources, recognizing communal interests (Kumar, 2005). ...
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