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1. This particular case should go in two ways. This plan of action depends on whether the engineers involved are working for the government or are in private practice. Firstly, considering one of the codes of ethics indicated, if I am an engineer on a private practice, I may help the other engineer in interpreting the said project but I will not give false views and corrections as a form of injuring the reputation of the more experienced engineer.


In addition, I will not attempt to scrutinize the project of another engineer to gain confidence or a sense of superiority, instead, I would tell the young engineer to make some valid suggestions and forward it to the other engineer. 2. As a professional engineer, it is my responsibility to deliver correct, accurate and credible study on a certain material that will be produced by a certain company either for public information or consumption. If for instance, I would predict that there is something hazy or unclear and needs to be resolved, I would have to inform the companies or authorities concerned. First, I will make a presentation or I will explain to the company my findings about the potential problems or the questions underlying the said study. Since I have found out that there is still a need to undergo another deeper investigation, I will inform them about the problem and how this can be solved. ...
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