West Coast Mainline Modernisation. Project Analysis.

West Coast Mainline Modernisation. Project Analysis. Essay example
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West Coast Mainline Modernisation.
Mobility plays a major role in the development of civilisations. Development employs massive mobility projects that often encompass means to transfer peoples, goods, and raw materials.


The various transportation facilities and infrastructure that are developed in the process are roads, bridges, rails and other facilities that aid in mobility and access. These developments are done in stage or per project basis that ascertains specific end-results employing project management. Project Management is previously a management philosophy that soon evolved into a business process (Kerzner, 2009). It involves planning, organising, securing and managing resources to achieve goals. It is to be understood that a project has its specific start and ending, and is dependent on time, budget or funding, and deliverables. It is usually expected to bring positive or beneficial results. Its temporary nature make it unique from business operations which is a continuous one or somewhat permanent in the delivery of products or services. This paper will discuss and analyse a rail industry project – the West Coast Main Line Modernisation - and describe the project management problems encountered in this project completion. ...
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