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Lulu Island: Abu Dhabi, UAE. Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name 11th, December, 2011 Outline 1.0 Introduction 03 2.0 Project Description 03 3.0 Works Completed 04 4.0 Current Works 05 5.0 Planned Works 05 6.0 Conclusions 05 7.0 Reference 06 Lulu Island: Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Through this report, you will be informed about the project performances in the most effective manner that will enlighten your knowledge on all factors affecting the project. In particular, the following sections of this report will give you highlights on all tasks that I have already completed, the current works on my side, and the works that I am yet to complete. Finally, I conclude the report by giving an appraisal of the project putting all the necessary details on the project on the table. Review the following text in order to get the overall idea about the status of the Lulu Island Project. 2.0 Project Description According to relevant sources, Lulu Island is the oldest man-made island in Abu Dhabi and was subject to the current development nearly two decades ago. The island was created to be 4.734 million square meters, but currently, the island has an existing land area of 4.664 million square meters. In connection, Lulu Island Project was established with the intended vision of providing residence for nearly 33,000 people, with residential, commercial, retail and hotel facilities. ...
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