Prospects of Utilization of Solar Energy For Thermal Desalination Technologies in Saudi Arabia.

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Prospects of Utilization of Solar Energy for Thermal Desalination Technologies in Saudi Arabia   Abstract Fossil Fuels are depleting fast all over the world. Various studies reveal that they are not likely to last more than 50-60 years. Only solution to the world energy needs and for that matter, the energy needs of Saudi Arabia can best be met with renewable energy sources.


The paper describes about the current scenario about water resources in Saudi Arabia and how existing demand supply gaps can be filled with the use of thermal desalination technology in the years to come. Introduction The world population including the population in Saudi Arabia is growing at a rapid pace. The established and known reserves of fossil fuel is depleting fast. It has been imperative on the part of scientist and engineers to think of alternate sources of energy to meet the increasing demand. With the rising population demand of water is increasing too. Saudi Arabia has no natural sources of water supply except the water stored in aquifers. For these reasons, the Saudi Arabia has undertaken several projects for the development of renewable sources of energy. This study explores the possibility of harnessing solar energy for the purpose of desalination of water in Saudi Arabia. Radiation Measurement in Saudi Arabia According to one research report, the average solar radiation in Saudi Arabia is noticed as 5591 Watt hour on unit square meter area. The data collected are from 41 stations in the period of 10 years. ...
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