Managing of Energy Assets (Monitoring Transformer Performance)

 Managing of Energy Assets (Monitoring Transformer Performance) Essay example
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Oil Filled Transformers
Transformers at the Substations
Step-Up Transmission
Step-Down Transmission
Underground Substation
Distribution Substations
Types of Monitoring Equipment
Proposed technique and Justification for the Technique


Before going to present the proposal for instruments and techniques that can be used to monitor the condition of a transformer, let us get a better understanding of what transformer actually is and why is it important to supply electricity through the network. A transformer is an electric device, which is designed to convert alternating voltage from one level to another usually from high voltage to low voltage. Transformers work on the principle of magnetic induction. Dickinson (2009) states, “Transformers under load generate heat due to winding (copper) and core losses occurring during operation”. Transformers are solid-state devices, as they have no moving parts in them. The step up or step down in the voltages is the main use of every transformer. 2. Oil Filled Transformers There are two main categories of transformers, which include dry type and liquid filled transformers. In this paper, we will prepare a proposal for oil-filled transformers at substations, which are one of the main types of liquid filled transformers. Oil filled transformers make use of cellulose paper and mineral based oil in their insulation systems. ...
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