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Engineering and Construction
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Running head: EDUCATION INTERVIEW Engineering Implemented in K-12 Classrooms Name School Engineering Implemented in K-12 Classrooms College professor, Maya Shample, works in the engineering department. She has been working on a project that combines engineering and education.


Shample said that it takes many synergies to combine the graduate students, the younger students and the community but she took a project and made it work. She then saw that there was challenges and problems within the community and thought it would be an interesting way to expose younger students to different experiences versus traditional education. It initially began when a community betterment project was designed and was running out of funding that was being conducted by a professor in architecture, Trent Green, to work on the design of a storm water project. That was when she realized that she could some how integrate her engineering team of students to help work in conjunction and she was able to write more grants from her department to achieve this goal to better the nearby community. In this she saw an opportunity to combine the project with teaming up with students and teachers in K-12 schools to get the students more involved in the project and to increase interest in engineering. Maya's main role in this project is to be the supervising professor overseeing the graduate students in their additional projects. ...
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