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Surveying Processes

All the exterior walls are included when the surveyor is taking the foot print. Elevation is another common surveying term which refers to the height which is usually above sea level. This point usually describes the house which is to be constructed and how high is it from sea level. Site plan is a very common surveying term which includes all the dimensions; the site drainage is often the most important point when the site plan is being talked about. Monument refers to marking, a position is marked which is used for future reference Heading usually refers to direction which is magnetic and is determined with the help of a compass Tolerance refers to the precision of a measurement and it is a mathematical term which is very important when it comes to the process of surveying Architecture and trigonometry go hand in hand; it has several major uses when it comes to surveying sites and determining solutions to various arduous problems. The curving surfaces need perfect calculations only then one can build buildings, without the proper use of trigonometry these buildings would just fall after a few days. ...
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Client’s Name: Course: 10 August 2011 Surveying is an integral process which requires the right use of the right equipment. Surveying is extremely important because it determines how a construction company is going to go about a certain project, several major problems may be realized during the process of surveying and several major problems may be ignored which will affect the project gravely, this is why it is pivotal for a professional to complete the process of surveying efficiently…
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