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Domestic Bathtubs Introduction Bathing serves social, religious, and pleasure functions besides ensuring personal hygiene. Bath places have been valued for ages by people of all genders, races, or religious backgrounds. Today, they are part of the fittings industry and plumbing fixtures that approximately totaled to $ 5.7 in 1994 in Unite States (Wright 1980, pp 23).


According to Wright, (1980), today, 62% of bathtubs, 28% of lavatories and 92% of whirlpool baths are made of plastic. According to Mazzurco (1986), the American National Standards Institute has set standards that manufacturers should observe when designing bath tubs. They may use enameled cast steel or iron besides plastic. Consumers are however taking into account the aesthetic features, safety, durability and environmental aspects when choosing bathtub materials. Customers and manufactures are now taking advantage of enameled or plastic bathtubs to design one-unit bathtubs. Safety, being an important factor to consider, is ensured in modern bathtubs by the use of prefabricated slip-resistant surfaces. The bath tabs should be leak free, the potential problem being solved by the provision of a moisture barrier between the subfloor and the bathtub, or ensuring that the base and the wall are integral parts of the bathtub. Bathtub Materials It is very important to choose the best materials for making bath tubs, just as it is important to consider its functions (Mazzurco 1986, pp.57). A wide range of materials that can be used to make bath tubs are readily available. However, they all have their own cons and pros of use. ...
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