Need to Get Topic and Proposal for a Dissertation for Msc Construction Project Management

Need to Get Topic and Proposal for a Dissertation for Msc Construction Project Management Essay example
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1. Rationale for Study Construction projects result in a product like residential buildings, dams, parks etc. that is further utilized to house a number of other products. A construction project may impact several interests positively or negatively. Positive impacts may include high quality living and better facilities, while negative impacts may comprise deterioration and change to environment not only at construction site but on all levels (Winch, 2010).


Generally, there are five key stakeholders in every project: project manager, performing organization, team members, sponsor and end user. However, geographical differences and natural events directly affect the successful execution of the construction project and may involve a number of unique stakeholders like environmental and community groups being effected by the building process or its operation after completion and may not be involved in other type of projects (Walker, 2007). Similarly, regulatory agencies who control certain aspects of the construction by issuing permits and certificate are also key stakeholders. These stakeholders, if not managed well, can influence the project by delaying, changing the scope and even cancelling the project. Stakeholders may be attributed different names and categories as internal, external, sponsor, team, seller, contractor, government, media, and society at large. According to Project Management Institute (2008), this naming is primarily aimed to identify individuals and groups as stakeholders where they may have varying and overlapping interests. ...
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