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Name Course Subject University Baytree Procurement for MSA Project Baytree Procurement for MSA Project Introduction Increasing global population as well as increased demand for goods and services led to increased use of roads and highways. To ensure the comfort of drivers, passengers, and travellers in general, the provision of rest and service areas led to the establishment of motorways services areas.


Most recently, the concerns about sustainability and environmental impact alarmed individuals, civic organisations, and even the global governments to subject themselves to goals that deter the destruction of the natural environment and ecological processes. This is in line with the reduction of the negative impact of global climate changes, and disasters caused by mankind’s mindless consumption, waste generation, pollution, and other activities including construction of built environment. All activities point out and lead to connected sourcing up to disposal so that each step of every process has become an important part of a whole. This paper will try to determine one company –Baytree Leisure Plc’s possible procurement issues as well as possible solutions to develop a proposed motorways services area in Yorkshire with close consideration of environment impact as well as sustainability. (i) Analyse the key procurement issues for Baytree Leisure plc to consider, including a review of their likely project success criteria and objectives for the proposed project Salteroyd. Identify any assumptions that you have made. ...
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