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Japan Nuclear Reactor Catastrophe: Problems and Solutions

Incident of Fukushima: Background Fukushima Diachi nuclear disaster was a result of earthquake and following tsunami. It proved to be the worst natural catastrophe in Japan’s modern history that claimed over 20,000 lives and above $300 billion in damages. Magnitude of the initial incidents was unexpectedly extraordinary. Earthquake was 9.0 on rector scale as opposed to the designed made for 8.2 levels. Moreover, tsunami wave was 14 meters high in comparison to the building designed for 5.7 meters. IAEA nuclear event scale has rated Fukushima disaster at highest level of 7 which refers that the incident has been resulted in huge amounts of radioactive emissions which will lead to health and environmental hazards on large scale.3 Emergency diesel generators and reactor cooling systems started functioning after the station blackout as a result of earthquake. An hour later, tsunami damaged seawater cooling system and the last option to regulate heat through seawater was also lost. Electric insulation collapse caused the failure of diesel generators and unavailability of the AC power. The situation led to a severe accident that went beyond the plant’s design standards. ...
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Japan Reactor Catastrophe: Problems and Solutions On the 11th of March 2011, a severe earthquake (9.0) and massive tsunami struck the Pacific coastline of Eastern Japan. Earthquake led to an immediate shutdown of the total of six nuclear power plants. External power was also lost.1 The earthquake and resulting tsunami caused $235 billion of dollars in damage…
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