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Heat Pump and VCC Metering Devices Formal - Lab Report Example

Although error in achieving the desired outputs also occurred in the process, yet a linear relationship could be obtained- with the reducing value of the length, the head loss has also presented decrease in its value. However, since calculations have presented errors and differences between the results obtained through the results with that of the theoretical values, hence it is suggestive to conduct further researches on the concerned topic to get accurate and improved results and hence determine more appropriate relationships. Suitable equipments and methods in a sequencing manner have been applied in the experiments and the results thus obtained have been analyzed before presenting the results in the report. Introduction: Heat pump involves the system that performs conditioning of air providing effective heating facilities, removing the heat from outside air and relocating it within a location where it is placed1. Heat pumps may be utilized to provide both cooling and heating facilities2. Since the system is related to the effective flow of heat within a location, this experiment has relevance in the global, societal, environmental, economic or manufacturing issues. The system being able to regulate the heat flow internally assists a business or a building in having a proper environment. CXV and AXV are the two VCC valves. While CXV is the valve of the capillary tube and functions in controlling the flow of refrigerant through drops of pressure, the AXV is the automatic expansion valve

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facilitating maintenance of a constant pressure of the evaporator. Thus these two valves are very important in the overall functioning of the heat pump. The study focuses on the calculation of head loss within the piping of water. Darcy’s Pipe Friction equation has been used in the experiment which is as follows: hL = L/D[{?+(?/D2)}V + {a'+(?'/D)}V2] where hL is the head loss due to friction, L and D are the length and diameter of the pipe respectively, ?, ?, ?' and ?' are the coefficients of friction and V is the velocity of the flow of water through the pipe3. The process of the experiment involved a thorough procedure including the Hampden Model H-6925 Fluid Circuit Demonstrator. Additional experiments have also been conducted with 1'' tee fitting and a 1'' gate valve was performed. The findings of this report have been mainly based on the results of the experiment and studies based on secondary sources like books and journals. The losses or inefficiencies of the system have been tried to be removed. Finally judgment based on engineering has been used for the analysis. The findings have been represented and analyzed through graphs and charts on Steam Tables and EES to learn the outcomes and get the enthalpy values. The study also encountered some limitations in the light of being dependent on the experiment equipments that are prone to give errors even on minor mistakes on the part of the researcher. Conclusion: The experiments were conducted successfully; thus the results confirming the predictability of the Darcy’s equation. Marginal errors have been obtained in the experiments. The higher rates of errors have been associated with the experimental measures that might have led the value of head losses to be small. The use of experimental measures seem not to be undertaken in the appropriate manner following appropriate techniques thus leading to inaccurate
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Heat Pump and VCC Metering Devices Summary: The primary objective of the study has been to learn the different components of heat pumps and understand the relationship between friction and the rates of water flow. Experiments were conducted with the use of 3/8' pipe, 1' tee fitting and 1' gate valve…
Heat Pump and VCC Metering Devices Formal Report
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