Industrial Accidents. Why and how do they happen? Can an engineer predict or prevent them? Are there acceptable accidents that we have to live with? What about the idea that we learn by making mistakes? Can an engineer make the world safer? - Essay Example

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Industrial Accidents. Why and how do they happen? Can an engineer predict or prevent them? Are there acceptable accidents that we have to live with? What about the idea that we learn by making mistakes? Can an engineer make the world safer?

The most common cause of industrial accidents is human errors and mistakes which are committed while working on industrial units. Very often engineers do not follow the proper safety procedures while performing a task and thus end up triggering an accident which not only affects the person but also puts the life of numerous other people at risk; economic loss is another aspect of accidents as well. Most of the time engineers fail to understand the importance of extra safety procedures and precautionary measures stated in the standard documents and tend to bypass certain important steps of safe working, merely to save time. The use of incorrect tools for certain type of works on industrial machinery is also a very common cause of industrial accidents to occur because the industrial machinery is very complicated and the guidelines provided by the manufacturer and safety standards must be followed in all circumstances. The workers and technicians working on industrial units are involved in committing human errors more frequently than the engineers however the responsibility always lies with the engineer. An engineer is not only supposed to follow the safety procedures himself but he should also supervise the working of technicians and should teach them the importance of following the safety procedures because he is in a much better position to understand them and should make his staff follow them.
Training of employees and engineers is very important for preventing the industrial accidents from happening. Engineers learn to follow certain safety procedures during their studies but they should be trained in the field to follow the safety procedures. There are various different safety procedures for the numerous operational and maintenance processes which happen to take place regularly in the industrial units. The engineers and technicians should be well-trained in this regard and they ...
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Industrial accidents are never scheduled or planned and thus can never be predicted but there are numerous ways in which industrial accidents can be prevented by following the safety procedures mentioned in the standard documents of manufacturing processes (Beyer, 1928)…
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