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Byetree procurement strategy - Essay Example

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Topic: Baytree Procurement for MSA Project Introduction Motorway Services Area (MSA) is considered as an important roadside facility because it provides opportunity for the motorist and passengers to stop and to take a break/rest from long tiring travel. According to NRA (2008), MSA refers to built environment that provides parking, fuel station, toilets, convenience shop and restaurant/food outlet facilities for both the drivers and passengers…

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Byetree procurement strategy

However, this changed and went beyond the old practices when the UK government became active in the promotion of sustainable development and combating climate change (AECOM, 2012). In addition, the highway customers/consumers have become discerning on the quality and quantity of MSA services. It is a great challenge for the Baytree Leisure Plc, which is the developer of a proposed MSA, to design and build the facilities in accordance with the existing Building and Environment Regulations of UK, and customers’ demands and expectations. Therefore, it is in this context that the Baytree Plc has determined the type of procurement method to be applied in order to mitigate the construction and engineering risks as well as to achieve total sustainability and environment-worthiness of the project. Key Procurement Issues for Baytree Leisure Plc Procurement process for Baytree in the development of Motorway Services Area (MSA) is covered by the UK standard with the goal for an efficient and streamlined approach. ...
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