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Managing a multi-cultural workforce. 1 Introduction. The term multi-cultural workforce is being used these days to describe the way that the construction industry contracts and sub-contracts its workers from an increasingly wide and diverse pool of people.


Modern transport and communication, along with political structures like the European Union, have simply increased the diversity of people working on any one site. Health and Safety is a major concern in the construction industry, and there is a vast international literature on the subject, partly because this type of work is inherently more dangerous than many other types, and partly also because of the complex and often project-based nature of the working environment, involving many different participants, often coming with very different backgrounds, experience and culture. One of the difficulties of researching multicultural workforce issues is the fact that there is a huge spectrum of practice across the world: “The way in which OHS (=Occupational Health and Safety) is dealt with in different countries is a function not only of legislation, but also of the underlying culture, the attitudes of those involved, and, more importantly, the social, economic and political environment... Systems that may work well in, say, the United Kingdom, may not work well at all in Australia or Hong Kong.” ( p. 88) An important implication of this diversity across the world, is that migrant workers moving from one country to another bring with them a knowledge base, a set of attitudes and tendencies, and a whole world view that may be very different from those of their fellow workers. ...
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