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Article 1: Summary: Services are very important part of the corporate world. Over the years, they have grown into a strong conglomerate for income, as a result of which the economy is no longer dependent on just the manufacturing sector. It is important for services supply chain to be efficient.


As the service industry grows, the need for more efficient service supply chains will also rise. The article offers a comprehensive insight into how the importance of services supply chain and how services supply chain by practitioners is incumbent for improvement cost control and minimizing value leakage. It plays a huge role in extracting margins from these companies. The article also offers recommendations for the services supply chain. It explains how attention is needed to be given to the services supply chains by employing various measures such as-educating and training future practitioners and conducting research. It offers information pertaining to best practices and trends when managing services supply chain and how implementation of these best practices and trends will give the firms their competitive advantage. The author focuses a lot of management in the article. He claims that improving the overall management of the services may mark the next major forte of cost reduction and value enhancement for organizations. Article 2: Summary: The article focuses more on some successful SCM strategies each of which result in varying parameters of organizational performance. It asserts the fact repeatedly that every service industry has to be dealt separately and should use SCM practices which are specific to that company. ...
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